Kristen Cockerill, PhD


  • BA, Political Science, University of Illinois
  • MS, Journalism, University of Illinois
  • PhD, American Studies (Environment, Science, Technology), University of New Mexico

Research Interests

Water! Flooding and river management, public perceptions about water, media coverage of water issues.

Courses Taught 

  • Interdisciplinary Connections I, II, III
  • H20: We are Water
  • Introduction to American Culture
  • Environment, Science, & Culture

Kristan has an interdisciplinary background and more than 15 years experience working to understand and improve the connections between cultural and scientific information related to developing environmental policy. Dr. Cockerill has coordinated policy projects at local, regional and federal levels and conducted research on diverse environmental topics. Most recently her work has focused on assessing regional attitudes about water, stream rehabilitation, and community water education. Prior to entering academia, she was on the staff of the Army Environmental Policy Institute. As a professor she has taught a broad suite of interdisciplinary courses at Appalachian State University, Columbia University's Biosphere 2 Center, and the University of New Mexico.

Recent Publications

Cockerill, K. and W.P. Anderson, Jr. Hot, Salty Water: A Confluence of Issues in Managing Stormwater Runoff for Urban Streams. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, forthcoming.

Cockerill, K. et al. 2016. Individualized Water Source as an Indicator of Attitudes about Water Management and Conservation in Humid Regions. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 59(8): 1341-1259.

Cockerill, K. 2016. Public Perceptions of High Quality Streams: Mixed Messages. Environmental Practice, 18(1): 44-52.

Cockerill, K and M. Armstrong. 2015. Sustainable Water Management Defies Long-term Solutions. In Sustainable Water Use and Management, W. Leal Filho and V. Sumer (eds). Springer, pp. 245-264.

Cockerill, K. and W.P. Anderson Jr. 2014. Creating False Images: Stream Restoration in an Urban Setting. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 50(2): 468-482

Cockerill, K. 2014. The Water Supply is Fine: Decision-maker Perceptions of Water Quantity and Supply Side Management. Water and Environment Journal.28(2):242-251

Title: Associate Professor

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Phone: (828) 262-7252

Office address
137 Living Learning Center