The Interdisciplinary Studies Program (IDS) is unlike any other degree program at Appalachian State University. Students majoring in IDS may choose a pre-designed concentration (see list below) or design their own major. If you have a strong interest in integrating concepts and methods from multiple disciplines, come chat with us about options.

Interim Program Director: Derek Stanovsky (stanovskydj@appstate.edu)

Pre-Designed Concentrations (links to checksheets)

Examples of Individually Designed Degrees

  • Hispanic Health (combining biology, health care, and Spanish)
  • Social Permaculture (combining sustainable development, philosophy, and dance/yoga)
  • Empowerment Pedagogy (combining education, psychology and recreation management) 
  • Expressive Arts Therapy (combining art and psychology)
  • Human-Wildlife Conflict Management (combining biology, psychology, and communication)
  • Social Construction of Sustainability (combining sociology, sustainable development, and business)