The Interdisciplinary Studies Program (IDS) is unlike any other degree program at Appalachian State University. IDS students design their own major.  If you have a strong interest in integrating concepts and methods from multiple disciplines, come chat with us about options.

We are looking for students who are

  • Self-driven
  • Passionate about more than one discipline
  • Interested in a major that is not offered at Appalachian State University


For more information: Contact Program Director: Dr. Beth Davison (davisonb@appstate.edu) or 828-262-2442 (office)

Here are examples of majors designed by our current IDS students

Self-Designed Majors
Coursework from the
following disciplines      
Studies in Global Sustainable ArchitectureSustainable Technology, Global Studies and Anthropology
Studies in Global Community EngagementGlobal Studies and Communication
Studies in Video Game Art and DesignArt, Computer Science and Computer Information Systems
Studies in the Social and Psychological Framework for CommunicationPsychology, Communication and Sociology
Environmental Planning and Communications StudiesPlanning and Communication
Studies in Sustainable CommunitiesGeography, Planning and  Sustainable Technology
Animal StudiesPhilosophy and Anthropology
Studies in  Arts Communication and Engagement                                       English, Curriculum Instruction and Communication
Studies in Contemporary Multimodal StorytellingCurriculum Instruction and Photography